AHIMSA PRE RELEASE EVENT – Superstar RANA introducing Daggubati ABHIRAM

ANANDI ARTS, the banner which made blockbusters like ANTAHPURAM, NUVVU NENU, AVUNU VAALLIDDARU ISHTA PADDARU and more trendsetting hits, is back with AHIMSA, launching Daggubati ABHIRAM, the younger brother of Superstar RANA. Directed by ace director TEJA, this film is shot in exotic locations in Madhya Pradesh. Known for his hard-hitting commercial entertainers, Teja has the credit of introducing several heroes to the screen. Uday Kiran, Nitin, Navadeep, Sada are few faces he introduced. Now with AHIMSA, he is introducing 10 more artistes to Telugu Cinema along with ABHIRAM.

AHIMSA is a musical thriller and RP PATNAIK is the music director of the film. Teja RP Patnaik combination is a super hit and they are back together with AHIMSA. It has 5 melodious songs, which are already chartbusters. The film has a conflict of Krishna Tatva vs Buddha Dharma and talks about the importance of AHIMSA in a world of crooks.

This Saturday on 27th May 2023, the pre-release function of AHIMSA is happening at Chirala, the hometown of RANA & Daggubati Venkatesh. It is sentimental place because the grandfather of ABHIRAM & RANA, Daggubati RAMANAIDU made his humble beginnings in this town. Rana Daggubati will introduce his brother to the audience and the entire stellar cast and crew will be present in the occasion.

Music Director R P Patnaik will render his superhit songs to entertain the audience. The star-studded AHIMSA pre-release event is scheduled as the film is hitting screens on 2nd June 2023.

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