From washing cars, selling news paper to Mr.India and IFBB PRO CARD winner.. an inspiring journey of MANOJ PATIL

Mumbai : Manoj Patil, who was born in the year 1992, is known for winning the Mr. India Men’s Physique Overall Championship in the year 2016. He is a well known Model and a self made athlete, who never gave up on his dreams, and continued to run after them even in adversities.

Manoj Patil was born in a middle class family and started earning for his family at an early age of 13. Back then, he used to distribute newspapers, sell milk and wash cars and used to earn about 400-500 Rs a month. During this time he started looking up to his brother who exercised daily and getting inspired from him, at the age of 16, Manoj started working out at a nearby gym. At the age of 18, he got to know of Bodybuilding competitions and started taking part in some. But he could not win any of those, but this did not de-motivate him and he worked harder in the coming years. At the age of 20, Patil took part in 8-10 competitions and managed to grab a few positions, but yet he was far away from grabbing the main titles. On turning 21, he took part in the Junior Mr. Mumbai competition and won Gold, which elevated his morale and it helped him to participate in Mr. Maharashtra where he grabbed the Silver Medal.

Manoj got to learn about Men’s Physique competition and he started researching on it on Google and YouTube. He learnt about the technical aspects from there and took part in the Mr. India Men’s Physique in the year 2015, but he could not enter Top 15. That’s when he decided, he’ll surely win the title next year. So he started working hard and his hard work paid off the coming year and Manoj won the Mr. India Men’s Physique Title in 2016. He also represented India in Mr. Olympia Amateur but could not enter in the top 10, which was really disheartening for him. But he worked hard, took part in Championships such as, National Championship where he won Silver medal in 2017, Olympia held in India (2018) where he again won Silver, Won Bronze in Olympia held in Italy (2018), won Silver in Olympia – China (2019), and his biggest achievement being Sheru Classic IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding) PRO Card winner in the overall Men’s Physique Category 2019. Manoj is now a well known model, bodybuilder, athlete and a trainer as well.

The message he wants to give to the young bodybuilders is that, “making a career in Bodybuilding requires a huge amount of patience and dedication. It took me more than 10 years and I am still a work in progress. I have faced many failures, but did not give up on my dreams. If someone like me, who did not even had the money to buy eggs, could make it till here, than all of you can do it, just have that dedication and a never give-up attitude.”

Manoj added for his fans and young bodybuilders that, “Bodybuilding is a very difficult sport. It does not give fame and prestige like cricket. But all you have to be is your own motivator and inspiration. Compete with yourself first and keep a watch on your body’s progress. You will achieve great that way”

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