Apeksha Fozdar: Entrepreneur with a Strong Passion of Revolutionizing the Business Realm

“She has achieved success by seamlessly integrating her motivational, zealous, and goal-oriented attitude with exceptional leadership qualities”

A dual degree holder and a business leader, Apeksha is an individual who also has a rich experience of ten years as a seasoned content writer. She is following her passion to create a niche for herself in the business realm…

Nobody ever said that being a leader would be easy. If you’ve taken more than a couple of steps down the path, you know that leadership comes with challenges and complications at every stage. In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, organization leaders are expected to do much more with less; like leading a project from inception to completion with scarce resources, short delivery deadlines, and limited budgets. All of these while maintaining utmost efficiency and not to mention preserving the growth of the team members. This is possible only if an individual possesses some important skills & competencies like teamwork, responsibility, decision-making, communication, trustworthiness, ethics, and most importantly leadership. Also, according to Richards and Engle, leadership is all about articulating visions, embodying values, and creating the environment within which things can be accomplished. Apeksha Fozdar, Founder, iContent, is one such leader who truly manifests the aforementioned quote as well as context.

Apeksha is an ace leader and a dual degree holder (Master in Digital Marketing and Masters of Commerce) whose contribution has been considered instrumental in the growth of every organization with which she has been associated to date, which includes Citibank, Crisil Research, Tata Group of companies, and Smmart Training. She has achieved success by seamlessly integrating her motivational, zealous, and goal-oriented attitude with exceptional leadership qualities. With a professional experience of 18+ years in the industry, and while working under several reputed corporates, Apeksha gained a lot of experience and expertise about businesses and the code-cracking factors related to it. However, she always had a spark inside her which led her to begin her entrepreneurial journey in 2014, establishing her own organization iContent.

How iContent came into existence? Also, what is ‘Entrepreneurship’ according to you?

While working in my previous workplaces, I learned a lot of things, which also helped me to understand the specific treatment required for each niche of business. The process of learning has been very natural to me. I consider it a necessity for both personal and professional career as it makes us capable of understanding and handling things in a better way in life. Also, as I was kind of very observant from the beginning, I did a need-gap analysis and realized that content writing is extremely essential for Indian clients to reach their target audience. That was the time when I decided to be at the right place, at the right time, which is ‘Entrepreneurship’, and this is how iContent was born.

For me, entrepreneurship is like – living a legacy. It comprises lots of responsibilities and I actually like to take those responsibilities to create a better world around me. The basic traits of an entrepreneur are – ownership for their actions, responsibility for their work, healthy attitude, and most importantly gratitude and care towards clients and co-workers. My endeavour is to excel in all of these traits while achieving success in the business of the future that is so ahead of the curve.

Tell us about your offerings, and also the factor that differentiates you in the industry.

iContent is an organization that is predominantly involved in content writing and digital marketing. Our service portfolio includes content writing, branding, website designing, website development, and all the digital marketing operations such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMO), and more.

We are positioned uniquely in the market with our 360-degree approach, because with a belief that one size does not fit all; our team of passionate content writers, digital marketers, business brains, designers, web developers, and advertising experts are able to customize the solutions to meet the requirements of our clients. Also, we offer research-based solutions that are crafted with innovation & value-addition. This is a major factor that has helped us to achieve a high customer retention rate.

Mention a few of the milestones that bestowed you with utmost satisfaction – both as an individual and a business owner.

Though there are many milestones, I would like to mention a couple of which I consider the most prominent. As a business owner, I would say, delivering 1000 projects in a time span of five years, which also means delivering one project every single day, is our major milestone.

Talking as an Individual, despite having personal and professional life, meeting a number of entrepreneurs of various niches and understanding their concern areas, and translating it into digital strategies is like a passion converted into a profession for me. This is also a chief milestone, which makes me proud and about which I can boast without hesitation. Today we are proud to serve the best of the companies across the globe.

What is waiting in the future for you and iContent?

In the coming years, we expect to enhance our service portfolio beyond digital marketing and content writing and also, I wish to train females who would not be able to step out of the home to become self-independent by becoming a content writer and earn a life of pride.

We plan to expand into newer geographies and territories, provide clients with newer analytics as per newer trends, and constantly innovate their offerings to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Apeksha’s journey teaches us that leadership comes with challenges and complications at every stage, but possessing important skills & competencies like teamwork, responsibility, decision-making, communication, trustworthiness, ethics, and most importantly, leadership, can help overcome them. Her success story is an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women who want to make a difference in the business realm. Apeksha Fozdar is an exemplary leader, and her journey has been nothing short of inspiring and powerful. 

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