Film ‘Romanticc Tukde’ is set to reminisce 90s cinema, Film directed by Varadraj Swami will release soon in cinemas

In the history of Indian cinema there have been many movies which have been made on the backdrop of Indian cinema itself. But an upcoming film titled ‘Romanticc Tukde’ is truly different in every sense. It is shown in the film that the protagonist of the film is fond of watching movies and is deeply inspired by them which helps the character to make her learn new things in life. Not only that, the movies the character watches motivate her so much that the character models her revenge based on some of the movies the character has seen.

It is perceived that cinema impacts our society in a big way and sometimes it is held responsible for the action people take in their day to day life. Eventually, every film leaves its own impact on people and sooner or later it also affects the society as a whole.

Some films manage to mesmerize common viewers and hence it is seen that such viewers forget everything and get lost in their own cinematic world. Such films are rare which have magnetic powers to attract viewers in a way that it happens to be an unforgettable experience for them. ‘Romanticc Tukde’ belongs to the same league of films. The film will have a mesmerizing effect on people watching it in cinemas. While watching the film it will compel you to laugh, cry, dance and enjoy the film as a whole. The audiences will become the part of this beautiful cinematic journey. While making this film the director has made sure that viewers are able to accept each and every character of the film and treat them as their own ideals. There are so many trendsetting films that have a very positive impact on people’s minds and such films always keep guiding them throughout their life. Viewers repeatedly like to watch such films and they easily get motivated with these movies.

Notably, ‘Romanticc Tukde’ is hard hitting as well as very entertaining. The film and the script doesn’t make you feel that it requires any popular artists. The film also reminds the golden era of 90s cinema. With it’s truly amazing screenplay the film not only entertains but it also gives very valuable lessons to the audiences.

The story of ‘Romanticc Tukde’ belongs to an era when tickets were sold in black and people would struggle to watch popular cinemas in theatres. Back then cinema used to be a family experience. The film traces the amazing journey of cinema halls from 90s and it also shows how later theatres one by one started getting shut.”

The film stars Pankaj Berry, Nikunj Malik, Amiya Amit Kashyap, Dhama Verma, Bhakti Punjani, Brajesh Jha and Vivekanand Jha in prominent roles. The film has been directed by Varadraj Swami and produced by Vijay Bansal and Priya Bansal. Shahzad Ahmed is the script writer of the film, the melodious music of film has been given by Tutul Bhattacharya and Piyush Mishra and Ketan Mehta are the lyricists of the film while Asif Khan and weather films have co-produced this film. 

Talking about the film, director Varadraj Swami said, “Every time I make a film, I make sure that it provides unique experiences to the audiences. My films not only give important messages but it equally entertains the people. ‘Romanticc Tukde’ is also one such film. It’s a cross between art and commercial cinema. I am pretty sure that the cinematic experience of watching ‘Romanticc Tukde’ will be much appreciated by the audiences.”

Interestingly, it has been shot in Begusarai in Bihar while some portion of the film has been shot in Mumbai. The writer of the film Shahzad Ahmed is eagerly awaiting the release of the film. He excitedly said, “It’s a wonderful script and the screenplay of the movie is written in such an interesting way that throughout the film the audiences will be eagerly awaiting to know what happens next. It will keep the audiences hooked till the end of the film.”

While talking about the film co-producer Asif Khan said, “This film will remind us about the popular musical films of the nineties and various movies of that era. Romanticc Tukde should be considered as the documentation of our cinematic history. Director Varadraj Swami and writer Shahzad Ahmed truly understand the craft of filmmaking and have dedicated themselves into filmmaking.”

‘Romanticc Tukde’ also showcases the journey of hindi cinema from the 90s to the present times. It will be soon released in theatres across the country. The release date of the film will be announced soon.  

Talking about the film, producer Vijay Bansal said, “Once a good story catches my attention and touches my heart as a producer, I decide to make a film. Romanticc Tukde is one such film which has deeply affected me. Whenever a good subject impresses people and is made on a good subject, it is seen that a film manages to easily impress people and earns good fortune for itself. It’s a given fact that when a producer is satisfied with the content and the story then only a film can does wonders. Romanticc Tukde is an ambitious film and I am pretty sure that it will leave a lasting impact on the minds of the audiences.

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