Azaad Shaikh Puts Brahmapur on the Hip-Hop Map with New Anthem

Azaad Shaikh is a rapper from Brahmapur, India. He is best known for his song “Brahmapur Anthem”, which has become an anthem for the city and its people.

The Brahmapur Anthem is a song about Azaad’s love for his hometown and how it has helped him grow as a person. It also celebrates the diversity of culture in Brahmapur, which gives everyone who lives there something unique to contribute to society.

The Making of the Brahmapur Anthem

Brahmapur is a city that’s constantly evolving and changing. It’s also a city where people from all different backgrounds come together to create something new. That’s why Azaad wanted to use hip-hop as a way of expressing himself and telling his story Featuring & collaborating with another budding rapper of the city named Sourav aka Bamalone, because he knew it would resonate with everyone in Brahmapur, not just those who are into hip-hop or rap music.

“I wanted to do something for my city and it’s community” says Azaad, and 

“I wanted them to know how much I love them, how much I appreciate them.”

The making of the anthem began with inspiration from one of Azaad’s favorite artists: Kendrick Lamar. He saw how Kendrick used his platform as an artist to spread messages about social justice issues like police brutality against African Americans in America through his lyrics; he wanted this same kind of impact here in India on issues like caste discrimination or gender inequality (which are still very prevalent).

The Impact of the Brahmapur Anthem

In the last few years, Azaad has been recognized for his work by both local and national media outlets. His music has also received praise from residents of Brahmapur who appreciate the cultural aspects of his song.

Azaad’s most notable achievement is creating an anthem for Brahmapur that highlights its unique culture and history. He hopes this will inspire others to create their own musical tributes to their hometowns as well.”I am trying my best to bring out something unique about every place I visit,” he says. “I want people living there or visiting them to feel proud about where they come from.”

Azaad Shaikh’s Musical Journey

Azaad Shaikh is a rapper from Brahmapur, India. he is musically inclined since he was a child , He started rapping in 2021 and he has been making waves in the regional and national music industry ever since.

Azaad’s Hip Hop journey began when he was 19 years old and heard Divine’s “Farak” for the first time. From then on, he knew that hip-hop was what he wanted to do in his life. His love of music grew as he listened to more artists like Nas, 2Pac and Kanye West all of whom inspired him with their stories about growing up poor but still having dreams that could come true if they worked hard enough at them.

The Lyrics of the Brahmapur Anthem

The lyrics of the Brahmapur Anthem are a reflection of the city’s culture and history. The song speaks about how Brahmapur has always been home to many different communities and cultures, which have shaped it into what it is today. It also mentions some important places in the city such as Gopalpur, Bada Bazar, Ganesh Market & Annapurna Market the Heart of the City.

The theme of unity is present throughout the hook : “760001 Eita Mora Brahmapur”, “as We share similar stories and memories , Our hearts beat as one! ” Says Azaad. 

This reflects how people from different backgrounds come together in this multicultural city to live happily together despite their differences.

The Sound of the Brahmapur Anthem

The sound of the Brahmapur Anthem is a blend of old school hip-hop beat and a catchy rhythm on Odia Lyrics rhyming to it, The arrangement is simple but effective, with Keys and Guitar instruments playing melodies that are reminiscent of old school hip hop tracks. The track begins with a simple beat that builds into an very groovy and Head Moving rhythm section as it progresses through each verse.

The production is also important in creating this unique sound the Music is Produced by a Multi Genre Hiphop music Producer named Saurav Pattnaik and goes with the stage name Prod By Default or Default Beats , Meanwhile the Mix has been done by one of the Finest Audio Engineer of india named Aniket Mohanty , who has been a well known name in his respective field and worked for Many Movies in the South and Kannada industry , also worked with Many well known Independent Artists as well and always helped to bring their vision into reality.

The Future of Hip-Hop in Brahmapur

*Azaad Shaikh is the voice of Brahmapur through hip-hop.

*He has been writing since he was 16 years old and has been performing music since he was in college.

Azaad Shaikh’s Legacy

Azaad Shaikh is one of a Trend setter of hip-hop in eastern india. His influence on the genre is undeniable, and his work has been recognized by many artists and labels as well. 

He is also a vocal advocate for social justice and equality, which makes him an important figure of Indian hiphop history.

It’s easy to see why this song has become so popular–it’s catchy, upbeat and fun! But beyond its catchy tune lies an important message: that everyone deserves to be treated equally regardless of their background or heritage.

Azaad Shaikh is an artist who has given his all to the city of Brahmapur. The music he creates is not only a reflection of his own life, but also the lives of those around him. The people of Brahmapur have been able to find themselves in Azaad’s lyrics and beats, which makes them feel like they belong here too.

With this project we hope to continue sharing Azaad Shaikh’s story with you as well as shed light on hip-hop culture in India overall so that others can learn from it and perhaps even create their own art based on their experiences growing up here too!


*Azaad Shaikh: The Voice of Brahmapur Through Hip-Hop.”

*”Hip-Hop’s Global Reach.”

Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/3pL1GRJhAnJxHCjatwKiAA?si=WOQGq4gIQKadAtoTUnbqLg&nd=1

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