Encompassing the ideal normal, Rohan Sahu upholds the stake high.

Encompassing the ideal normal, Rohan Sahu upholds the stake high.

The diversity possessed by today’s youth is something commendable to exclaim upon. The passion, the enthusiasm and the vigilant vigor the promising youth renders in their every act and buoyance, is what makes the generation so forth and uplifted.

Rohan Sahu, born on 3rd June, 1999, in Mumbai is one of such explicit examples to support the youth’s standing in today’s world. Rohan Sahu, owner of Solution Mediatech, is a 23years old young entrepreneur, serving an all in one platform and digital solution for everything that is digital to strengthen one’s confidence and agility.

Holding a degree of bachelors in technology in computer engineering, Rohan Sahu holds keen interest in football and soulful music enlisted as his hobbies. Being a part of today’s young generation, Rohan Sahu enjoys meeting new people and exploring the unexplorable. Being an extrovert in kind, he believes in commanding his strengths to make his weaknesses fall in line to achieve the desired success.

With the prosperity of calmness and patience, Rohan Sahu believes in using his presence of mind to handle the diverse situations by maintaining a balance. Facing different challenges and obstacles in his field industry, Rohan Sahu has evacuated and learned a lot of ways to redress the people’s problem relating to their product discoveries.

Holding the support and love from his family, Rohan Sahu idolizes his father for life. He has been honored as guest speaker in many engineering college events. With the aim of diversifying his limitless opportunities of growth, he believes that a clear vision and dedication will help you achieve whatever you desire for. Envisioning his dream to build huge, multi-specialty hospital, Rohan Sahu is the director and owner of the Solution Mediatech.

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